Wear a Michael Jackson T-Shirt – 3 Great Ways to Remember the King of Pop

Wear a Michael Jackson T-Shirt - 3 Great Ways to Remember the King of Pop

Wear a Michael Jackson T-Shirt - 3 Great Ways to Remember the King of Popblack t shirt

It’s hard to believe that it’s a year since Michael Jackson died. Whether you are a hardcore fan, a casual music lover, or even someone with no interest in music at all, you could not have failed to have been moved by the international outpouring of grief when the news was announced.

Many people paid tribute to him by playing and rediscovering his music. During the weeks after he passed away, the radio airwaves were awash with classic MJ tunes such as Thriller, Beat It, Earth Song and Billie Jean.

Other people remembered him at various tribute concerts or by holding special parties. Still yet more people bought and wore a Michael Jackson t- deer hunting shirt to show their love and appreciation.

One year on, the good news is that you can still celebrate Michael’s life! Here are my top 3 suggestions for the best way to pay tribute to the undisputed King of Pop.

1. Wear a Michael Jackson t-shirt

My favorite way of remembering Michael is to wear a Michael Jackson t-shirt. Wearing a t- deer hunting shirt with a cool MJ design is a highly visible method of displaying your love of the man’s music. A t- deer hunting shirt allows you to demonstrate your true fan-hood, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

There are some absolutely amazing designs available out there. You’ll discover designs from before he died, as well as tees that specifically pay homage to Michael’s life after his death.

Some are very bold and brash, with large pictures of Michael in one of his classic iconic poses. Others are more subtle, with maybe a silhouette image or a small logo. Either way, wearing a Michael Jackson tee with pride is the perfect way to honor his memory.

2. Perform a moonwalk!

You may think I’m joking, but think about it-shortly after Michael sadly passed away, how many people did you see attempting to moonwalk like him? Ok, I accept that many folk’s efforts were rather laughable-after all, Michael had this move down like no other-but it was lovely to see people paying homage in this way.

Find a slippy slidey floor somewhere, put on some smooth-soled new york yankees hawaiian shirt and put a little bit of practice in. Believe me, you’ll have it in no time! Then, watch people’s faces as you break into the classic move in the middle of a disco or club dance floor. Not only will you receive a lot of respect, possibly huge cheers of admiration if you’re really lucky, but you’ll also bring a smile to people’s faces as they remember Michael all over again.

3. Hold a Michael Jackson party

This is so easy to do. Grab together a group of friends: they don’t need to be out-and-out MJ fans. Collect together everyone’s collection of Michael’s music: you’ll be surprised at how much of it people have. Insist on Jackson-themed fancy dress: a white glove here and there, a fedora hat or two, a Thriller fright-mask if you’re really keen!

So there you are: 3 simple but powerful ways to show your lasting support for Michael and pay tribute to his memory. These are just 3 simple ideas to get you started: I’m sure you can think of plenty more too.

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