WEB STITCH | Step by Step Embroidery Tutorial

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A spider’s web stitch – delicate and dangerous at the same time.  It is a trap, but when you see how amazing it looks interpreted into thread and embroidered, you will only see its beauty. Web stitch variations include the whipped spider’s web stitch or ribbed web stitch. The threads of a web stitch which radiate out from the center look like the spokes of a wheel and can be as long or short as you like.

Web StitchPinWeb Stitch


Web StitchWeb Stitch – SuppliesHow to do Web Stitch EmbroideryStep 1 – Mark the CircleStep 2 – The SpokesStep 3 – Start WeavingStep 4 – RepeatStep 5 – Knot OffWeb Stitch – In ConclusionMORE EMBROIDERY STITCHES

Web Stitch

Web stitch has a dramatic effect on a piece of embroidery as it makes up into beautiful flowers or snowflakes or just a simple geometrical design. The colors can easily be changed to add variety and the size is adaptable too.

Web StitchWeb StitchPinWeb Stitch

The design works best on an uneven number of spokes so the thread can weave in and under to form the pattern. If you have even done simple loom weaving, you will notice the similarity in technique.

Don`t just think spiders! Web stitches can make lovely embroidery roses when sewn densely. You can use a chain stitch for the leaves and the web for the main flower.

Embroidery RosesEmbroidery RosesPinEmbroidery Roses

Web Stitch – Supplies

If you are new to embroidery, then read my article on how to embroider to get lots of beginner tips and tricks. Here are the supplies you will need to make this web stitch. These are just general embroidery supplies.

FABRIC – You can do this stitch on any type of fabric. Aida cloth is often used for embroidery and I used an unbleached calico for my samples. NEEDLE – Hand needle or embroidery needle with a large eye for thicker threadsTHREAD – Embroidery floss is commonly used, but I have made web stitch flowers with yarn as well. You may choose contrasting threads for the spokes and weave or they may match like my rose embroidery above. HOOP – As you spiral the stitches towards the outside, the fabric has a tendency to pucker if you don`t use a hoop.

How to do Web Stitch Embroidery

Thread your needle with a single thread and knot. If you are having trouble getting the thick thread through the eye of the needle, read my article on how to use a needle threader.

Step 1 – Mark the Circle

Draw a circle where you want to embroider your web stitch. The edges of the circle will show when the stitch is finished so use a removable fabric pen or tailor`s chalk that won`t show in the finished product. When you are just testing this stitch, draw circles of 1 inch (2.5cm) or smaller. After you are confident the circles can be drawn any size however really large circles can be prone to catching and puckering.

Bring your thread up from underneath, through the center of the circle.

Web Stitch -StartWeb Stitch -StartPinWeb Stitch -Start

Step 2 – The Spokes

Draw 5 evenly spaced dots around the circumference of the circle and make five straight stitches out to the five points around the circle. You do this by putting the needle down into the first dot and then coming up at the center again. Then move to the next dot.

This creates the five spokes of the wheel you are going to weave.

EMBROIDERY TIP: For larger circles you can make more than 5 spokes. Just make sure you have an uneven number.

Web Stitch - SpokesWeb Stitch - SpokesPinWeb Stitch – Spokes

Step 3 – Start Weaving

Bring a contrasting or same colored thread up between two of the spokes. I think the web stitch looks more like a spider web when you use a contrasting thread and more like a flower when you use a matching thread. Think about what end result you want to create.

This is the point where you will begin to weave your color around the five points of thread. Go around the spokes in an up and down motion. One spoke up and the next spoke under.

You do not pierce the fabric at this stage. The weaving takes place between the 5 threads on top of the fabric.

Web Stitch - Second ColorWeb Stitch - Second ColorPinWeb Stitch – Second Color

Weave over and under each thread as you go around the spokes.

Web Stitch - WeavingWeb Stitch - WeavingPinWeb Stitch – WeavingWeb Stitch - Repeat WeavingWeb Stitch - Repeat WeavingPinWeb Stitch – Repeat Weaving

Step 4 – Repeat

Keep weaving around the spokes until you have the desired look. You don`t necessarily have to weave all the way to the outer edge. If you stop weaving halfway it looks more like a spider`s web and if you weave all the way to the very edge, it looks more like a rose. Start weaving and see how you like the look of your web.

TIP: Keep the thread tight at the beginning, but loosen up as you go along to prevent puckering. If you pull too tight on the outer edges it won`t look as neat.

Web Stitch - WeavingWeb Stitch - WeavingPinWeb Stitch – Weaving

Step 5 – Knot Off

Finish off by passing the thread to the back and weaving your thread under the stitching.

Web StitchWeb StitchPinWeb Stitch

Web Stitch – In Conclusion

There you have it. A beautiful spider’s web stitch to entice comments and compliments about your embroidery. Use this stitch for webs, flowers and circles on your next embroidery project.


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