Wedding Favour Bags – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, cross stitch print, 25cm square; cotton, striped, 18cm x 30cm; linen, plain, 20cm x 28cmTrim, cotton, lace: red, 1m; cream, 18cmButton, navy, oneStamps, acrylic, alphabetInk pad, black

Dimensions List

Tall bag: 7cm x 10cm x 16cmBucket bag: 7cm x 8cm x 13cmButton pouch: 6cm x 8cm x 11cm

Stitch a tall favour bag

Cut a strip measuring 11.5cm x 29cm from cross stitch print fabric, and a 10.5cm x 29cm piece from plain linen material. Sew together down one long side, right side facing. Iron on the reverse and lay flat.

Allowing for a 3cm turnover hem across the top, stamp ‘Mr & Mrs’ followed by the couple’s surname to the right-hand side in the middle of the fabric, iron dry on the reverse.

Fold in half, right sides facing, and stitch together with a 5mm seam. Lay flat with the seam to the right and cut out two 2.5cm squares in both bottom corners, through all layers.

Stitch across the remaining bottom and fold the corner openings the opposite way so that the seams align. Sew together to create the base of the bag.

Turn the top raw edge over by 1cm and then again by 2cm, enclosing the ends of ribbon handles measuring 17cm each, underneath. Machine stitch to finish.

Make a vintage button pouch

Cut printed fabric to 15.5cm x 28cm so that the pattern is vertical, and a 6cm x 8cm piece from plain linen. Fold the linen rectangle in half and glue together. Stamp ‘Mr & Mrs’ onto it, allowing for a seam across the bottom.

Fold the printed fabric in half, right sides together, and stitch, catching the ‘Mr & Mrs’ tab in with it. Make the base as described previously.

Turn the top edge over, as before, enclosing both ends of a piece of red lace measuring 16cm under the centre back seam. Finish by stitching a vintage button to the front.

Sew a sweet bucket purse

Cut striped cotton fabric, 18cm x 28.5cm, and a piece of vertical print fabric 8cm x 18cm. Place the printed piece where it will be shown at the front to the left, turn the raw long edges under and stitch down the left side, trapping a piece of red lace.

Cut three rectangles of plain linen, fold each in half and glue to secure. Stamp ‘Mr’, ‘&’ and ‘Mrs’ onto each one as before, tuck under the printed band and stitch down. Make the base as before. Glue a 17cm long length of red lace to a piece of cream lace. Finish the top as before but tuck the ends of the cream and red lace under each side.