Western Gun Holsters – Cowboy Bling to Modern Joe Accessory

Western Gun Holsters - Cowboy Bling to Modern Joe Accessory

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What would a cowboy be without his handsome hat, magnificent stallion, and blazing gun? These are some things that dazzle up the ladies when talking about that ‘John Doe in horse.’ Aside from these things, there are other bling-blings that make up the image. Leather boots and gun holsters are some of them. While boots are easily distinguished and highly visible, the gun holster is more often taken for granted. Whether you are a cowboy or not, the gun carrier is important, not only to complete ‘the look’ but for safety issues as well.

When it comes to selecting holsters, Western gun holsters are highly recommended since they are to last for a lifetime. These holsters are made of leather that stretches over time. The gun carrier is made to fit snugly so that even if the material stretches, it will not be very loose or the gun might fall off. It should not be tight as well in order for you to release the weapon easily.

These times, the holster is not only part of the cowboy wardrobe; it has also become a fashion statement. There are a variety of styles to choose from such as:

• Concealed type – used for small fire arms. These are placed in the pocket, beneath the coat, or around the legs and ankles. Most women use this type to carry weapons as it is easy to wear and hide.

• Professional type – used by professionals like police men, soldiers, or military men. Though these types are usually made of plastic, nylon, or other material in the market as they are less expensive, men-on-duty still prefer leather-made material.

• Belt – the typical type of gun carrier which is placed around the waist. Along with the gun holster, the ammo holder is also placed in the belt.

• Shoulder – placed around the shoulder and underneath the jacket or coat. These types of holster can carry two weapons and are placed near the body. It is strapped on the shoulder therefore they are more comfortable to wear.

• Sporting – these holsters are designed for hunters and shooters. They are made customarily, whether loose or tight, depending on the use. For example, hunters prefer easy access to their guns and therefore rely on loose holsters.

It is important to take note the quality, style and type of your weapon holder when you are going to buy one. Leather is still the best raw material because of its capacity to be shaped to hold the weapon firmly and retain its form despite time because the material can last for a very long period.

Although there are many styles to choose from, pick one that you would be comfortable with in using. It may depend on your body, your work, your lifestyle and the way you would use it. Despite the fact that it is used to hold the gun and is usually not taken into account, the holster becomes a part of you, therefore you have to select the design that fits your personality. Leather-made western gun holsters posses carefully designed cuts and engraves that may suit your taste. Whatever you pick, it is you. So you have to find one that shows people who you are.

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