What High Heeled Shoes Can Do for You

What High Heeled Shoes Can Do for You

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Today there is such a broad range of high heels on the market spanning from the black high heel classic and clear heeled shoes to the the 7 inch heels and funky high heeled platform boots. But why are most women such huge fans of high heels?

– High heeled shoes can give calf muscles the much admired female appeal. This makes legs look thinner and more toned by lengthening the look of the legs.

High heeled shoes and boots can do wonders for the bum? Yes, they do this by helping to boost and lift by about 25%!

– High heeled shoes are one of the sexiest items of attire that a woman can don, making them feel and look amazing. Add some boots to those heels and your sex appeal and love life can rocket, and watch those heads turn when walking down the street (shopping of course!)

– For those of us not blessed with being tall a few inches can be added to your height!

– The right choice of heels can transform someones attire. A tired outfit can be changed into a stunning statement by adding a pair of high shoes or boots. If slacks or jeans are too long they might just fit your legs if you add a pair of high shoes.

– Self confidence can be boosted by wearing a pair of heels. A pair of these shoes makes for a sexier walk because the heel height makes your hips swing a little more as you walk.

write by Kiera

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