What is Duck Fabric? – Definitions, Uses, Characteristics

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Learn all about what is duck fabric! Duck fabric is also known as duck canvas, cotton duck cloth, or simply duck. However, people outside the industry of textile often call this “canvas.” This is a plain weave, heavy cotton fabric laced with 2 yarns in its warp and one yarn in its weft. It is categorized based on weight, with grade twelve the lightest of all varieties and grade one the heaviest.

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What is Duck Fabric (Duck Cloth)

Aside from this, the aforementioned traditional labels do exist but aren`t often used nowadays. The classification method that is used today was implemented way back 1920s. So what is duck fabric? A numerically labeled duck fabric was implemented and publicized by the Department of Commerce and the CDA or Cotton Duck Association as soon as some discrepancies were found in various qualities and specifications of material.

The Department of Commerce in the United States also said that the duck fabric`s numerical labels are based on a particular formula or computation. This is also classified as one of the most known workwear fabrics.

What is Duck Fabric? Despite its unique name, this hardwearing workwear cloth is unrelated to ducks and has nothing to do with their feathers.

What is Duck Fabric? – Origin and History

What is Duck Fabric? Do you know about its history and origin? The name “duck” actually comes from the word “doek.” Doek was the canvas cloth Dutch sailors used for their outerwear and pants in the Navy. Unlike canvas, duck fabric is just a plain, tightly laced fabric consisting of two thick yarns wrapped together, resulting in a dense weave.

This thick weave is tight enough to resist water and wind penetration. Also, because of its tightly tied threads, duck fabric is incredibly durable and resistant to damage. It is so durable that sailors utilized it during those traditional times to protect their skin from the water`s temperature compared to other ordinary kinds of cloth.

Because of its high thread count, duck fabric may be stiff and rigid at first. However, this will slowly soften up when washed several times. If you`re still wondering what duck fabric is, this type of fabric sometimes appears peach-finished. There`s a specific process wherein 1 side is machine-sanded, which results in a microscopically thin finishing smooth fuzz layer on its surface.

What is Duck Fabric? – Canvas vs. Duck Cloth Fabric

So, what is duck fabric? How is it different with canvas? Duck fabric or simply “duck” is unsurprisingly mistaken as a canvas because of its undeniable similarities.

However, here`s the difference: Canvas is made of tightly intertwined heavy yarns, causing it to have a course surface.

On the other hand, duck fabric is made of more delicate intertwined threads spun into heavyweight or medium yarns. These heavyweight/ medium yarns are tightly laced together to produce a smoother surface and higher thread count. Duck fabric is also synonymous with another fabric that`s strong enough for military-grade applications and workwear.

What is Duck Fabric? Advantages of Wearing Duck Fabric

Since you already know about the history and origin of duck fabric, its difference between a canvas, and its brief overview, you might also want to learn about how it feels to wear the fabric on your skin. Here are the advantages of wearing duck fabric.

It has a smooth surface that is not prone to tearing and snagging.Although it feels uncomfortable and stiff at first, it should feel soft and comfortable after you wash and wear it several times.Unlike other synthetics such as nylon, duck fabric will not end up having tiny pinholes in the material when exposed to hot ashes.Duck is considered the second (next to leather) of the best fabrics used for workwear because of its incredible ability to protect the skin from extreme temperatures and block strong winds. Undeniably, this is an essential fabric for working in cold places.

What is Duck Fabric? – Uses

Duck fabric has indeed benefitted today`s modern and innovative industry with many valuable products that make people`s lives easier and more convenient. From bags, shoes, covers, treatments, and other things, there is no wonder why duck fabric is one of the most durable, all-around, and usable cloths.

Here are some of the many products you can make out of cotton duck fabric.

Stroller covers and baby carriers – Stroller covers and baby carriers should be made with soft and comfortable materials perfect for delicate and gentle skin. Duck fabric is not only gentle and soft (when washed several times), but it is also durable enough to not tear.Shoes and sneakers – There are plenty of shoes and sneakers available in malls, stalls, and department stores made of duck fabric. Window treatments – Window treatments such as curtains might be an expensive home decor element. But with duck fabric, you will be able to design something based on your personal preference and save money at the same time.Meal bags – Duck Fabric can be used for meal bags or lunch bags! You no longer have to spend a lot of money to buy all your children`s lunch bags because you can create your bags using duck fabric. You`re not only able to “make a bag,” but you can also customize and personalize it as much as you want.Handbags, tote bags, backpacks, and aprons – If you plan to make a beautiful handbag, then duck fabric might be the kind of fabric you want to use. Because this is a heavy fabric with tightly laced yarns, it can be utilized for creative projects that should be resistant to wear and tear.Homemade canvases – Did you know traditional canvases for paintings are expensive? So, why can`t you make your own blank canvas for your portraits and abstract paintings with cotton duck cloth fabric? You may even attach small canvas pieces to Popsicle sticks to create tiny artworks. Simply use glue (most preferably hot glue) to attach four Popsicle sticks into the mini frame. Then, let them dry. After that, you should wrap a piece of duck fabric around those sticks to give yourself a mini canvas. Tents and shelters – Aside from those mentioned above, duck fabric can also be used for shelter. Army Duck, also called shelter fabric, is a medium-weight, multi-purpose fabric made of plied, tight weaves of yarn. The tightness of the yarns makes them strong and very resistant to damage. Army Duck or Shelter Duck is laced with smaller and thinner yarns to create a very smooth texture that is perfect for making fine portrait painting elements. Aside from that, Army Duck can also be used as a tent`s roof. This is applicable for outdoor parties wherein people need extra shade for their outdoor games and other activities. Army Duck fabric or Shelter Duck will block the sun from penetrating the venue, giving people the coolness and shade they need throughout the day.

What is Duck Fabric? – In Conclusion

What is duck fabric? Duck fabric is ideally used for awnings, outdoor upholstery, and heavy-duty containers such as sacks. Making something out of it is one of the best ways to produce environmentally-friendly products. Aside from being manufacturing environmentally friendly, duck fabric items can save you a lot more money in the long run than synthetic fabrics. I hope you learned a lot from this guide and are inspired by the creative products you might want to make out of duck fabric.

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