What is Hessian? Fabric Guide and Types

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Do you have any idea what is Hessian? If you don`t, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will be discussing what Hessian fabric is, what it is used for, where it originated, and what it is made of.

What is HessianPinWhat is Hessian


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What is Hessian Made From?

Hessian fabric is known as burlap in the United States and crocus in Jamaica. This fabric is commonly made of sisal fibers or from the skin of the jute plant. A large portion of the world`s jute is grown in India where there are two main varieties – white jute and tossa jute. It thrives in a warm, humid climate with high rainfall. Because jute is a natural fiber, hessian is considered environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

What is Hessian JuteWhat is Hessian JutePinWhat is Hessian – Jute

Originally hessian fabric was produced as a coarse and dense woven fabric. Today, it is widely refined coming in various weights, and is an eco-friendly material for packaging, rugs, bags, sacks, horticulture, and other related products.

Hessian fabric is named from a part of soldiers` uniforms from the once-known people of Landgraviate of Hesse or Hessians. As for the word burlap, which the Americans call the Hessian fabric, the word`s origin is largely unknown. The earliest known record of the world burlap was back in the 17th century.

What is HessianWhat is HessianPinWhat is Hessian

Hessian vs Jute

Hessian is a fabric made from the jute plant. This term is generally used in Europe and Australia while in the US the term burlap is commonly used. Jute is also used as a fabric name and generally refers to a finer and more expensive fabric than hessian. Hessian, burlap, and jute are commonly used interchangeably.

What is Hessian Used For?

FOOD STORAGE – Hessian has a wide range of uses but most of you will recognize the hessian sacks used to contain coffee, fruit and vegetables. As it is an openly woven, natural fabric, it is breathable and can keep consumables fresh.UPSHOLSTERY – Hessian can be found underneath softs in order to give structure and shape before foam and the outside fabric is added. It also holds in the springs used to give greater comfort. ARTS and CRAFTS ROPES and NETSINDUSTRIAL USES include gradening and constructions. Hessian bags are also used for sand bags which are used for flood control. SCARECROWS – Old hessian sacks are traditionally stuffed and put on a pole to create scarecrows!

What is Hessian Fabric? – Types

Laminated Hessian Fabric

This is a classic weave of Hessian fabric with a somewhat rough texture and a laminated surface applied to the back of the material. The lamination aims to prevent water and other liquids from reaching the fabric. Because of this, the laminated hessian fabric can be used to wrap things that you do not want to get wet with water or other liquids.

The classic jute fibers are rough and are woven loosely and simply into a mesh weave. This would typically let water pass through it. However, because the back part of this fabric is laminated, this fabric can be used to keep water out. Other uses of this type of hessian fabric include arts and crafts and other heavy practical uses. Suppose you wish to use this to cover larger items such as tables and stalls. It comes in handy when placing wet objects or objects that hold water that may cause spillage. In that case, the laminated backing makes it a bit sturdier.

Dyed Jute Hessian

This is a classic, straightforward type of hessian fabric that comes in various colors. It is constructed in the same way as the natural hessian fabric with the addition of solid dye to produce a colored jute hessian in many different colors. The larger holes of most hessian means even when dyed, it appears semi-opaque when viewed up close.

Dyed hessian fabric is perhaps the most versatile. This is being used in the construction industry, schools, offices, theatre backdrops, and many more. This rugged and versatile fabric can be used for creative projects such as banners, table cloths, notice boards, tents, etc.

What is HessianWhat is HessianPinWhat is Hessian

Soft Hessian (Jute)

What is soft hessian? This type of hessian fabric is similar to the previous fabric. It is woven by the same process, but soft jute hessian differs from the fact that the finishing of this fabric is a notch softer.

Softer hessian can be made from jute, which comes from the jute plant fibers. Jute is a natural material making this fabric-friendly to the environment. Even when this product is used to create a rope, cloth, or other material, it will remain biodegradable.

What is HessianWhat is HessianPinWhat is Hessian

What is Hessian – Bituminized Hessian

This is another traditional rough open weave of the hessian fabric. This kind of Hessian makes use of bitumen for a watertight protective cover. The coating of bitumen is laid in between a brown backing paper and the hessian fabric, creating a fabric capable of withstanding harsh outdoor use.

This is a durable type of Hessian. The added bitumen properties make this type of hessian good for sealing the roofing, protecting boats, and coating buildings. Directly painting a layer of bitumen can protect objects and add waterproofing properties. However, you no longer need to do so with this type of Hessian since you can conveniently cover the object you wish to protect with this fabric. You can also remove it anytime you want which is an added advantage.

Because this fabric is waterproof due to the added bitumen, it can be used temporarily as flooring for building sites, gardens, and greenhouses.

Fire Retardant Hessian

This type of hessian fabric is designed for covering large objects such as wide tables and market stalls. As the name suggests, this hessian fabric has fire-retardant elements giving it many industrial uses. This type of hessian fabric is also used in upholstery. It is instrumental in structuring couches before applying the covering fabric and padding. As for many furniture-making standards, fire retardant properties are imperative. The downside to this fabric is that it is not waterproof. Therefore, you should check the weather before using this fabric outdoors.

What is Hessian? – In Conclusion

What is Hessian? Hessian fabrics are made from natural jute fibers and are eco-friendly. Their uses are very versatile as they can be used in almost any manner that requires fabrics. Many people use this in the arts or for protecting particular objects, while others use these fabrics in events. Regardless, the versatility of hessian fabric is unquestionable.


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