What is “Out” For 2009 Weddings

What is "Out" For 2009 Weddings

What is "Out" For 2009 Weddingsblack t shirt

Weddings are a funny thing; one year a trend can be red hot, and the next year, it suddenly seems overdone, out of style, or simply “so last year”. Naturally, brides want to avoid any of these things that will make their weddings feel out of place or cliché! With that in mind, these are some of the wedding trends that are out of fashion for 2009.

Colors go in and out of fashion for weddings just as they do for new york mets sweatshirt each year. What often ends up happening is that an idea for a color palette gets more and more popular over a couple of wedding seasons, until suddenly it reaches a tipping point and it feels unoriginal and boring, instead of fresh and sophisticated.

A few years ago, this happened to sage green, and now the same thing has happened to pink and espresso or Tiffany blue for wedding colors. As pretty as these colors are, everyone is tired of looking at them! The hottest colors for weddings this year include combinations like lime and tangerine or cherry and lime. When in doubt, you can also choose to go with the one wedding color that is never out of style: white.

What about bridesmaids? Their dresses tend to follow the whims of the ever changing fashion world more quickly than the bridal gowns do. What is definitely out is making your bridesmaids all match. Much more modern is to choose dresses for each girl that have a certain flow between them, but that are not the same cut or even the exact same color. This is true both for the bridesmaid dresses and their accessories like deer hunting t shirt and jewelry. When brides are picking out bridesmaid jewelry to give as a gift to each attendant, they are trying to find the pieces that are perfect for each woman as an individual.

Another thing that seemed so innovative a few years back was to have serving stations at your wedding reception. Guests could circulate between different small tables offering a wide array of tasty foods. It was a stylish alterative to the old-fashioned buffet. For this year, however, the serving station has been pushed aside in favor of seated dinners at long rectangular tables. The long tables lend themselves perfectly to the alternating high/low centerpieces that are in vogue right now.

One wedding trend that this author certainly hopes will be out of favor for 2009 is the wacky choreographed first dance. We’ve all seen it, whether in person or on YouTube: the blissful newlyweds start their first dance to a classic tune such as “Unforgettable”, when suddenly, the music changes. Pantomiming surprise, the bride and groom abruptly switch from a tasteful foxtrot to a wildly inappropriate bump and grind to “It’s Getting Hot in Here”, or some other song about taking off your clothes. Let’s spare the grandmothers the mortification, and save the dirty dancing for the wedding night, please!

Of course, the best way to avoid using a wedding trend that has become outdated is to invent your own. There is nothing to say that a bride and groom need to do what everyone else is doing at any given moment. It is nice to be in style, but it is even better to express your own personal style.

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