What to Pack For Your Honeymoon

What to Pack For Your Honeymoon

What to Pack For Your Honeymoonblack t shirt

As if getting married isn’t exciting enough, you also have your honeymoon to look forward to! Wherever you’re going, you’ll want to get packed and ready well in advance of your wedding day/departure date to minimise stress and manic flapping about the place! Do some decent research on your destination so you know what to expect climate-wise and what documentation and/or vaccinations you’ll need. Check that your passport is up to date and that your tickets are for the right day and all those horrifying mistakes we all dread…!

If you’re heading off directly after your wedding then make sure you’re packed a day or two in advance – you will have SO much going on in the run up to the wedding that you simply won’t be able to think straight afterwards. And remember – unless you’re honeymooning in the middle of nowhere, even if you forget a few things, you’ll no doubt be able to pick up what you need at the airport or while you’re away. Take a deep breath, make a list (check it twice) and get packing!

So, what to pack for your honeymoon? Here’s a list of hints and tips that you can adapt according to where you’re going:

* a plug adapter for charging phones, plugging in hairdryers and other accessories.

* a good book (or 2), some magazines or whatever you do to relax.

* medicines/first aid kit – avoid the common holiday ailments by packing water purifying tablets, rehydration sachets, plenty of plasters and antibacterial wipes (it’s also worth looking into general info on local healthcare and whether your insurance covers accidents and illnesses).

* insurance – a serious MUST. Most one-off travel insurance only costs £10-30 but it can save you an enormous amount of worry and money if something goes wrong. In Europe you can also use a European Health Insurance Card which will help with any accidents or illnesses while you’re away.

* a camera – give your memory card a clear out before you go so you have plenty of space for all those memories, and don’t forget the batteries/charger!

* phone charger – it’s always reassuring to know you have a method of contact at all times.

* emergency numbers/travel guide – keep a copy of the local numbers for the police, ambulance and your hotel contact details in your bag. Study up on great local attractions and go online to find some special gems that might not be mentioned in a travel guide.

* travel clothes washing soap in case you need to do a little laundry in the bathroom sink!

* avoid taking any deer hunting chicago white sox hawaiian shirt that needs pressing just to make life easier. Although if you need a quick fix to get rid of wrinkles then hanging your garment in the bathroom while you run the shower hot can steam out most crumples and creases. Your hotel may also provide a pressing service.

* put name and address tags on all your bags.

* suncream and aftersun for hot climates and waterproofs, thermal underwear for cool ones!

*don’t forget dressy clothes/shoes/tie if you plan on a posh dinner, or if you’ll be dining anywhere with a dress code.

*photocopy credit cards and passports and tickets and keep copies in separate bags – if you happen to lose or have any of these items stolen then having photocopies makes sorting things out MUCH quicker.

* bring along your wedding dress if you want to “trash the dress” (take photos of you in your dress in adventurous and crazy poses, such as in the sea or bungee jumping!) or “cherish the dress” (take photos of you and your partner in your wedding outfits with the wonderful backdrop of your honeymoon). Both options are a great addition to your wedding photo album.

* something special for your partner, such as sexy lingerie, or book a treatment, activity or trip for you both to enjoy.

* bring mix and match outfits and layers rather than lots of different outfits – this will save you space and give you lots of options.

* roll clothes rather than fold them, and pack things like underwear and socks inside detroit tigers hoodie to save space. Wrap delicate items such as cameras and electronics in heavier deer hunting chicago white sox hawaiian shirt and place in the centre of your case.

* leave some room in your case for mementos and gifts!

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