What to Wear to an Island Wedding

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1. Floral dresses – floral prints work well with the mood and more casual nature of a beach wedding. Simple cotton dresses with floral prints are more casual, while satin materials are dressier.

2. Flat shoes – Stilettos and high heels are not a good idea for a beach wedding. You don’t want to be tramping around, stumbling through the sand while everyone else saunters by you. Pretty leather sandals work well.

3. Casual-colored suits – for the groom especially, suits in tan, taupe, light brown or olive work well for beach weddings. You can seek out tropical-weight wool instead of linen or cotton suits, as those wrinkle badly.

4. Silk or lightweight wool slacks – slacks are classier and more appropriate for a wedding, beach or not. You can include a casual sport coat to dress it up. You might pair with a refined sportswear top instead of a shirt and tie for more of an island feel.

5. Bolero jackets or shawls – if it’s wintertime or cool at night, use one of these for your shoulders to manage the chill.

6. Longer dresses and tie clips – for beaches that are often breezy, coastal winds can cause skirts to fly up easily and ties to whip around continuously. Use a tie clip and a longer flowing dress to avoid these annoyances.

7. Bright colors – bright accessories and clothing, like a azure-blue dress paired with a bright orange necklace and a clutch. If the wedding is more formal, you can select a bright-colored belt or or pair of shoes to add some flavor to your outfit.

8. Floral hair clips – flowers used as accents in your hair can add a touch of local color and spruce up your outfit, formal or casual.

9. Sun hats – not just for ballparks or horse racing, sun hats can be a chic accessory for a beach wedding. They also offer sun protection.

10. Simple jewelry – simple hoop or diamond earrings and a necklace or bracelet with a small charm will do.

11. Sunglasses – if you’re out in the sun for the ceremony, don’t forget to bring along a pair to keep you from squinting through the whole ceremony.

12. Formal or beach casual – some beach weddings can still be a black tie affair; be sure to clarify with your wedding guests as to how casual or formal you plan to be. If you are a guest going to a beach wedding, ask the couple rather than assuming.

write by santos flores

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