Where Can I Buy New Updated Canada Red Mittens?

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Where Can You Buy the New Canada Red Mittens? Canada’s new edition, updated red mitten relaunch was announced on CBC News and Canadians started blogging about the new mittens right away. Most are curious about what the updated mittens look like; others are just wondering where to get a pair since HBC, Zellers are not releasing them until mid Oct 2010. Some are just cynical about Vanoc trying to squeeze more loonies out of the Canadian public on an old product. Everyone wants to know where to buy the new Canada mittens right now, Oct 1st or what the new version looks like. The new updated mitts are available online now, so it is crazy that the websites of HBC, Zellers & Vanoc state that they will have them by around mid October at the earliest! Only in Canada eh?

The updated maple leaf design is actually really cool; it is much bigger this time and the 2010 Olympic logo is no longer on the backs; it is now a small patch on the cuff! The original palm enclosed maple leaf was very charming but this new version is as big, bold and even as divided as Canada itself. Instead of one whole tiny white maple leaf in the palm of the mitts, there is a split lengthwise larger maple leaf on each mittens’ outside edge, measuring just over 5 inches from top to bottom. When you put your hands & wrists together, like a super hero; the whole maple leaf is created where the mitts come together. This action kind of reminds me a little of Dorothy clicking her ruby red shoes together to generate a blast of extraordinary power. I wonder if a new type of tendon injury will emerge from everyone turning their arms inward to flash their maple leaf; they will call red mitten syndrome! CANADA is also on the cuff in big white capital letters, in case anyone out there doesn’t recognize the maple leaf.

Of course, the Olympic mittens certainly do seem to have magical powers; millions of dollars were raised for Canadian athletes by the sale of these little Canuckian icons during the Olympic games in Vancouver in Feb 2010 and Canadians rallied enthusiastically around the mitts for an uncharacteristic display of patriotism; waving and flashing their tiny white maples to the whole world. Some of the bigger Canada fanatics actually made their maple leafs into glow in the dark and glitter images, using special fabric paints. The mittens sold out quickly everywhere and they ended up being available only online, sometimes at very elevated prices. They were very popular internationally as well and people from every nation worldwide were bidding for their very own pair of the collectible Canadian hand warmers too!

Right now, the new red mittens are priced at $15.00 – $25.00 for the adult S, M & L sizes as well as kids & youth one size, but as they sell out all over Canada and even internationally, the price will rise again. At the peak of the 2010 Olympics, the original version of the Olympic mittens were selling for as much as $100.00! There is no way of telling whether the newest version of the Canada red mittens will sell out as well, so it really is advisable just to buy a pair right away, before the madness begins again.

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