Who The Heck Is David Wood Anyway?

Who The Heck Is David Wood Anyway?

Who The Heck Is David Wood Anyway?black t shirt

David Wood is a special individual in the network marketing industry.

My first introduction to David was when I attended the My Leads System Pro’s (MLSP) Live The Dream Event in Las Vegas. My initial attraction to this event was the all star line up of master marketers:

The speakers included:

Todd Falcone

Nicole Cooper

MJ Durkan

Mike Dillard

Brian Fanale

Jerry Clark

Tracey Walker

Cedrick Harris

Deagan Smith

David Wood

Norber Orlewicz

I got a chance to get wonderful training from the these top leaders and mastermind with them in private mastermind session that the MLSP set up for me!

When I got a chance to see David Wood speak I was blown away. Here was a guy that when you look at him first glance you think would not be a success. What I mean is that is he is not your typical looking leader in a power suite. In fact, he has bohemian hippy style of dress t-shirt, ripped shorts, and flip flops. But if you just judge a book by its cover you would miss the incredible insight this leader has in the network marketing industry.

As David Wood shared his story about how he was introduced to network marketing I began to get inspired for the many people out in the world that don’t seem to fit into the the traditional school system. Here was a guy that was doing poorly in school. His father told him that if he didn’t get better in school he would grow up to be unsuccessful. He asked his father if there was anything else he could do to be successful outside of school. Well lucky for him his father introduced him to Amway at the age of 13.

In the meeting in he caught the bug when the gentlemen leading the event was asked a question by a homeless man who was also in the meeting with him. The homeless man shouted: “Well how much money are you making?” The man conducting the meeting said. “Well it has been an okay year but I made over $210,000.” This was David Wood’s answer to his problems.

Fast forward a few years and he started working with Amway. Failed in Amway. Then started working with Pre Paid Legal and failed. Then he moved to Agil and you guess it failed again! 3 different companies and no real success. Until he found new motivation. He met the women of his dreams and got married. They lived in a van for some time in Hawaii doing the beach bum thing and enjoying life.

Until he ran out of money and got his last ticket from the Hawaii police for sleeping in his van. This was his moment of decision. For most successful entrepreneurs we know this feeling very well. The moment when you had it and say enough is enough! This happened for David Wood.

He decided to venture into the world of the internet to grow his current network marketing business. In virtually 90 days he literally sky rocketed to the top of his company being the #2 earner. He also became MLSP top earner winning a brand new BMW.

Here I was learning all of this at the Live The Dream Event. Now I understood why everyone in the halls were buzzing about David Wood. I too caught the bug to want to learn from his tenacious leader.

How did David Wood do it!?

His first secret to success was article marketing. This is an internet marketers dream because its completely FREE. He was able to use article marketing to dominate the search engines and catapult to the top of his primary network marketing opportunity. He has a simple 4 step process that he teaches inside of the MLSP System to their private members.

David Wood’s 2nd secret was My Leads System Pro system. This is according to David Wood the #1 attraction marketing lead generation system on the planet. I would have to agree 100% with him.

Here is a system where all the top leaders in the world of attraction marketing come together to share high value content to their private members.

I became an MLSP member a few months ago and I could not be happier. I was looking for a place where I could increase my marketing education without having to spend a lot of money or search all over the place. Everything is all in one place. MLSP also host weekly webinars packed with secrets from the top 3% of internet marketers. This was how I became excited to go to the Live The Dream event.

When I got a chance to meet David Wood at the private break out session and grill him on how he grew his organization so fast I became even a bigger fan. His story is very inspirational and makes you look within yourself to create the success you really deserve.

David Wood now lives in his dream home in Costa Rica and continues to build his business while providing value to the community inside the MLPS system

Can David Wood help you!?

Absolutely! I started implementing his tactics that I learned inside the MLSP system and within a few short days I generated 10 leads! I was very impressed! So impress that I wrote this review about him to help spread the awareness about his incredible teaching style and clarity within network marketing business.

Be sure to look for his content all over the web. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mr. David Wood at another event being recognized as this industry next multi millionaires in the next few years.

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