Why Choose A Motel In Rotorua Over A Hotel?

Why Choose A Motel In Rotorua Over A Hotel?

Why Choose A Motel In Rotorua Over A Hotel?black t shirt

Rotorua is known as New Zealand’s cultural gateway for tourists. There’s a little of everything in Rotorua, and it’s a fantastic place for a gathering of friends or family members. The city is packed with adventures and activities to sort all ages, interests and levels of fitness. So it’s a good idea to allow plenty of time to make the most of your stay.

To get the best value for money, it’s best to book a motel in Rotorua rather than a hotel. A motel gives you more facilities, more room to spread out and feels more friendly and relaxing, allowing you to fully enjoy your holiday. After busy days full of activities such as bike riding through the Whakarewarewa forest or visiting geysers and mudpools at Wai-o-Tapu, there’s nothing like coming home to a motel complex and being able to kick off your dallas cowboys polo shirt and unwind. The atmosphere in a motel is more homely, you don’t feel that you have to dress up to go down to the lobby and ask for directions and the kids can amuse themselves without upsetting the neighbours. The pace of life at a motel is easier than life in a hotel and the staff usually have more time to stop and chat. Motel owners pride themselves on their local knowledge and that’s always a bonus when you want to make the most of your stay and choose the most appropriate activities for your group.

Booking into a motel is usually cheaper than booking into a hotel, meaning you can save more money for the things you want to do in Rotorua such as visiting Rainbow Springs, taking a quad bike for a spin or rolling down a hill inside a watery Zorb. You can also save money by cooking your own meals in the well equipped kitchens that are commonplace in motel units. Most hotel rooms have only rudimentary kitchen facilities and the room service menu is all too tempting. By cooking in your motel or using the barbecue facilities that most motels have on offer, you will have plenty of holiday money left to do something outrageous like sky diving, bungy jumping or white water rafting. If you’re not into the adrenalin rush, you might prefer to spend your spare cash on a Maori cultural performance complete with the traditional hangi.

Motels aren’t without their luxuries of course. For example, a motel in Rotorua is more likely to give you access to a heated geothermal pool to help you relax those aching muscles if you’ve stretched more muscles than you expected to while our walking, cycling or kayaking.

Hotels certainly have their place, but if you want a holiday where you can feel as relaxed as you are at home, then booking into a motel in Rotorua is certainly a sensible option. There are plenty to choose from and it won’t be difficult to find exactly the right motel for you.

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