Why Men Need Dress Shoes

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Most of us own shoes that will suit various occasions including casual, sports, and formal footwear. Shoes that are part of formal wear are known as dress shoes. Dress shoes for men, often referred to as ‘best’ shoes, come in many different styles such as handmade black leather Oxford shoes, slip-ons, lace ups, ankle boots pointed, round, or square toes flat heels, high heels ad infinitum.

But a nice looking dress shoe can be offset by wearing the wrong socks. You see, socks are much like ties in as much as you can be creative with them and find a pair that will complement your dress style. We all know that the focus can be taken away from a beautiful shirt with the wrong choice of tie, and the same goes for socks and dress shoes, so choose your socks carefully. If in doubt be conservative or you could regret it when you sit down and that trouser leg rises to reveal what turned out to be a bad choice in socks!

Although dress shoes can come in all manner of materials and styles, the most popular dress shoe color by far is black, followed by brown, burgundy, oxblood, chestnut and white in that order. Color coordinating your suit or men’s outfit, with dress shoes does not have to be a mind-boggling process as blacks and browns in particular will go with just about any attire.

Most men’s wardrobes have about 3 basic dress shoe colors for those special or formal occasions, and most folks have at least one pair of slip on shoes. Slip on shoes can be very stylish, comfortable and safe.

Depending on your age, your social life, work, and marital status the choice of Men’s dress shoes range from borderline casual to very fancy, and can adapt to any situation. For the more flamboyant of dressers, black and white hand made leather dress shoes are always in vogue. Many folks think that the dress shoe sounds a tad boring, but with a little imagination, there really is some very smart and eye catching footwear to choose from.

When out shopping for your next pair of dress shoes, you might want to give some thought about when and where they will be worn the most. For example, are you buying them for business, casual dress, formal functions, or for a one-off special event such as your son or daughter’s wedding?

Although shoes are not as eye catching as the rest of an outfit, they do get noticed. In fact, a lot of women believe they can tell a man by the shoes he wears, and even job interviewers are being trained to look at the footwear of a job applicant and include it into their overall assessment for suitability. Anyone who underestimates the power of footwear needs to rethink, as it can really make or break your desired look.

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