Why the 70s Fancy Dress Halloween Costumes Are So Popular

Why the 70s Fancy Dress Halloween Costumes Are So Popular

Why the 70s Fancy Dress Halloween Costumes Are So Popularblack t shirt

The seventy’s been an era of disco; main influence came from sixties when hip hop was still a craze and present very much in modern ethnicity. Bell bottoms, bit belts, afros, shags, mullets and jheri curl trends were famous and for the 1st time, one could adorn himself to suit. Techniques like tie and dye and bleach were used to give extra texture and make the veteran hoodies trendy. Men’s vogue was also changing as big collars and taut shirts with shrill prints were worn. Moreover, cultural influences also added to the charm of the outfits as stress was laid on accessories like chunky jewelry and bright scarves.  Overall, the seventy’s decade shaped history and culture with political and fashion movements.

Today, every part of Halloween (a festival celebrated on 31st October in USA, UK, Canada and Ireland) has its own share of seventies Halloween costumes dressed party goers. 70’s fancy dress Halloween costumes range from ghostly ghouls and witches to corpse brides and sexy devils. There are so many fancy dress Halloween costumes to select from, so finalizing on an appropriate outfit you look for is really a bit confusing. In such circumstances, it is better to seek advice from fashion experts if you want to look exceptional. Most of costumes come in different sizes including large, medium and small and the best part is that these are available in full cut and extra small, so there is definitely something for almost everyone.

Important tips to beautify your fancy dress costume


It would really be a great fun to make a seventy’s outfit for ‘Halloween’. So many fantastic hairstyles are there that can be copied from 70s, but the most famous is afro. Both, women and men have been the great aficionados of sports afro from seventies to present date. You can purchase an ‘afro wig’ from any party store or nearest salon or you can also sport it if you can manage to do so. Bigger the afro wig is, better it will appear on the festival. Moreover, men can also opt for buying hairy chest hair or sideburns.

Chunky jewelry

The 1970’s was all about shimmering chunky jewelry. Women can wear necklaces or choker, bracelets and long earrings with bead jewelry. Men also have a wide array of options including gold rings and chains.

During seventies, both men and women used to wear platform shoes, so you can visit a nearby local store to get a pair and give yourself complete Halloween look.

An off the shoulder top is really a fantastic addition to one’s seventies costume. If you want to do something adventurous and make the heads turn, you can flaunt halter top or tube top.

You can also make Halloween costumes at your home if you still possess some seventies clothes in your closet. Grab a white suit with matching vest, a dark-colored st louis cardinals zip up los angeles dodgers shirt and put on some gold jewelry and it is all that will make your look stellar.  


So, when you put all this together and realize there were 66 million births from 1964 to 1979 in the country that would partially explain why the 70s Halloween costumes with a stunning hairstyles and wild clothes are so popular today.

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