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If I look back at my life before my baby came into existence, the meaning of shopping has undergone a drastic change. I have never been much of a shopper and would by things based on requirement. I generally have a list of what is needed and how much is required before I start on a shopping trip. And this used to apply for apparel, groceries, gifts, shoes and any other thing under the sun that needed to be bought!

And then my baby happened and changed the entire dynamics. Sure, I started off with a list in my hand before I went for shopping, one that I had downloaded from the net on things that I need to buy before the baby came. And much to my surprise, I ended up buying much more than I had planned. Something that I never, ever do.

The fact of the matter is that looking at those lovely items with all the cute cartoon characters is so alluring and tempting that it is almost impossible to pick them up. You feel like spending more time at the store and browsing through all the things that you need. One such character that I have taken a particular liking to is Winnie the Pooh. Not only is he suitable for boys and girls alike, all the characters in the series are so adorable that they plead you to pick them up.

Pooh and his friends Tigger, Eoh and piglet have literally taken over all the items that you can think of for a pre-school kid. Think of an item and they rule the space – pacifiers, bibs, apparel, food bowls, plates, spoons, sippers, feeding bottles, bed sheets, rugs, teethers and pretty much whatever you can think of.

The Pooh gang dominates larger items like feeding chairs, rockers, baby car seats and much more. What’s great about this theme is that it is suitable for almost all kind of toys as well. Be it educational toys or entertaining ones, you can just not ignore the ones that have Pooh and his gang on them. It is extremely interesting to see the wise owl trying to tech lessons to your young one and Tigger trying to do the funny stuff in the fun toys.

If you are as crazy about Winnie the Pooh, the way I have grown to be, then you must try and build a Pooh theme around your baby’s nursery. You could have the room painted in the Pooh theme and even choose to use some glow paint so that Pooh can give company to your baby at night. The sheets, towels, clothes and toys can be Pooh toys too. What I can assure you about is that in spite of having Pooh all over the house, there is no way that you are going to get tired of seeing him around. The cuddly bear and his friends just get into your heart and refuse to get out.

The best place to look for these toys are Toys Us or Babies R Us. An then there is The Disney Store. And you can be sure that every time you pay a visit to these stores, your husband will shudder at the thought of the bill that you will rake up!

write by Brenna

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