Winter Apron – Free sewing patterns



Fabric: large polar bear print, 50cm; small polarbear print, fat quarter; spotted, red and white, 75cmThread, machine: red; white

Dimensions List

Custom size

Sew an apron

Cut 50cm x 78cm of large polar bear print fabric for the main apron skirt and hem the bottom edge by turning a 1cm hem over twice. Cut a 30cm x 41cm bib section in a coordinating print, then hem both sides by turning a 1cm hem over twice as before. Cut a 12cm x 78cm waistband from red spotty material.

Join the waistband to the main skirt using the French seam method; pin the two fabrics wrong sides together, stitch a 1cm seam, press, then fold it back over so the fabrics are right sides together and sew another 1cm seam and press. Fold the top of the waistband over twice, pin it and mark the middle.

Find the centre of the bib section and line it up with the middle of the skirt. With wrong sides facing, tuck the raw bib edge under the pinned waistband and stitch across in red thread. Next, fold the bib back up and sew across the very top of the waistband to secure. Pin and hem both sides of the apron skirt including the waistband.

For the neck strap, cut 8cm x 58cm of red spotty fabric.Turn both long edges over by 1cm, press, then fold the strap in half. Iron again, then pin and stitch along the length. Check it will be long enough for you, then sew the ends to the front of the bib.

To make the top bib frill, cut 4.5cm x 80cm of red spotty fabric. Fold the long raw edges over by 5mm, stitch a hem, then press. Turn the raw edge under at the left end and sew it to the top left edge of the bib to cover the end of the neck strap. Machine stitch the frill to the bib by sewing down the middle, then every 1.5cm fold and tuck 5mm of fabric under to form the pleats. Finish the right-hand side by folding over the raw edge.

Join 9cm strips of spotty fabric to create a 2m length for the bottom frill. Hem the long edges and position it so that it overhangs the base of the apron by 2cm. Stitch in place, creating pleats as before. Press both frills for a neat finish.

For the side ties, cut two 9cm x 100cm pieces of red spotty fabric and make them up in the same way as for the neck strap and press. To stitch them to the waistband, overlap each side by 21cm and sew down securely.

To create the pocket, take a large dinner plate and draw around it onto the wrong side of red spotty fabric. Cut the circle out, then trim it across its width, above the centre of the material so that you are left with a semicircle. Hem the straight edge by turning twice and make small cuts into the curve. Iron these over onto the wrong side to give a neat edge. Before you position and stitch the pocket to the apron, cut a small circle motif from leftover fabric and stitch it on the top right of the pocket.