Women’s Croc Boots – Crocs’ Comfortable Womens Boots Make Facing Any Cold Winter a Real Breeze

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Have you tried any of the latest crocs boots? Wow are they something else. The clever designer people realised that to spoil the converts and entice some new ones perhaps something warmer was needed for the winter months, hence womens croc boots, of course they still have all the fantastic health benefits that you would expect from croc shoes too, so healthy, funky and warm all at the same time.

Croc clogs have come a long way since 2002 which is when they were first unleashed on the unsuspecting public. It has to be said that because they looked a little different they certainly caused a bit of a stir in the world of footwear fashion. Not that they were ever intended for the catwalk but, hey these things do happen.

They have gone from being intended as a practical, comfortable spa shoe with some amazing health benefits to a totally different animal. Like I said, the designers had a light bulb moment and realised that croc clogs could be adapted for day to day wear and still keep all the good stuff that has been there from the very beginning.

Ok, so what health benefits are there for you and me?  Well, all croc shoes are made of a fantastic foam that contains antifungal and antimicrobial properties and they also allow for maximum air flow over and around the foot. This basically breaks down into the simple fact that athletes foot and stinky feet can be a thing of the past if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from either of them.

Because this special foam moulds itself to your feet when you wear any style of croc clogs, this enables them to spread and distribute pressure evenly over your feet. A mechanically minded friend described them as being like a cushion at the bottom of a suspension cylinder which prevents any jarring and absorbs shock over even the roughest surfaces. I took this to mean that he thought that were really comfortable, because I know that they are.

There are now so many funky styles and colours to choose, from womens croc shoes to the really cool, chunky amber boot for men so they are definitely worth a good look. You will be spoiled for choice and a croc convert for sure.

So, if you thought that they were only for summer, then think again. Womens croc boots have to be any winters must haves. They are fur lined for lovely warm legs and feet but these fantastic croc boots are waterproof too so you can enjoy whatever winter decides to throw at you come rain, snow or shine.

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