Women’s Dunk High – Black Lymon

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The Womens Dunk High – Black Lymon is one of the members of the fast growing ‘Nike Dunks for Women’ family, alongside the likes of the pristine Womens Nike Dunks Low White White, the Womens Nike Sportswear Dunk High Premium X Milkfed X Liberty, the Womens Size Dunks Low CL – Liberty, among many others. Of all Nike Womens Dunk products that I have gotten to use, though, I must confess that it is the Womens Dunk High – Black Lymon that I have gotten most enchanted with, since I got to purchase it a few months ago.

The Womens Dunk High – Black Lymon probably also falls in the category of what are referred to as ‘high’ Dunk products, it being among the tallest dunks for women that I have ever seen. Indeed, the front part of the shoe, right from where the toes go in, up to the tip of the shoe’s tongue (where the shoe meets the shaft of the wearer’s foot), the Womens Dunk High – Black Lymon comes with a very steep gradient, so that the only flat area of the shoe, as viewed externally, is the very small region where the toes go in. At its tallest point, the Womens Dunk High – Black Lymon is probably more than a half an inch, making it among the tallest Dunks for women, and putting it in contention for the ‘tallest dunk’ honor even when the unisex and men’s dunks are brought into focus. The sole of the shoe, however, is not particularly elevated/thick, meaning that for the most part, its superb height is achieved through ingenious design of its upper body.

Although labeled as a ‘black lymon’ shoe, black is not the only color that can be spotted on the Womens Dunk High – Black Lymon. Other colors that get the ‘honor’ of gracing this rather huge shoe are cream, yellow and some hue of pink: all in line with Nike’s well known flair for color. The Lymon black adorns most of the shoe’s upper body, seemingly made from some sort of leather (read a promise of durability), with the cream adorning the upper region of the shoe’s sole, the region where the sole borders the shoe’s upper body, and with the shoe’s lower sole coming in the earlier mentioned hue of pink, probably in a bid to infuse that feminine aspect. Yellow has the honor of being the color chosen to render the Nike tick on the Womens Dunk High – Black Lymon.

As would be expected for a shoe of this height, there is a rather long shoelace arrangement, which starts off at the region just above where the toes are meant to go in, and goes all the way to the highest point of the shoe, the tip of the shoe’s tongue where the shoe meets the wearer’s foot-shaft (just like the arrangement on an army boot, one would say). Of course, unlike in a formal army boot, one does have the option of leaving some of the shoelace places unthreaded on the Womens Dunk High – Black Lymon, and ‘nobody will ask you.’

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