Women’s High Heel Summer Sandals – How to Choose and Wear This Summer’s Sandals

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Women’s’ high heeled sandals may just be the ideal choice to finish off your new summer wardrobe. There are several kinds and colours to choose from and you may find it hard to decide which sandals would be the best for you. Here are a few ideas to consider to help you to make a decision which to purchase.

Heel Height

The primary choice to make is the height of the heels. If you are planning on using your sandals for going for walks, standing or dancing for long periods of time a low to medium heel (four inch) might be best, still attractive and pretty and not so tricky to walk in as the more excessive heel heights and not so hard on the feet. As well keep in mind where you’ll be walking, e. g. for a summer wedding party or garden party at which you may be walking on a lawn, very high, thin heels that sink into the ground would most likely be not practical. A kitten heel will be a good choice in these cases.

Even so, high heels usually are not about functionality and ease – if what you wish are the sexiest, highest heels you can get and you simply don’t mind how impractical they are (you could cushion them using the latest gel pads to make them a bit more comfortable) then go for it – select the thinnest, highest (5 or 6 inch) heels with minimum strapping for a beautiful sexy appearance all summer, ideal to slip on with all your new summer outfits at the parties you may be going to this summer.


The particular style that best suits you is quite a personal preference. To help you choose below you will find a number of the styles obtainable.

High heel sandals with ankle straps – the adjustable ankle strap can help you to keep the sandal on and makes walking easier.

Slingback Sandals – looser than sandals with an adjustable ankle strap, therefore might be a little harder to keep on unless the strap fits very well.

Strappy sandals – Most of these sandals have a lot of straps with a peep toe and open back, making a really open sandal – well suited for the rather hot days and balmy evenings in the middle of Summer.

Closed Back Sandals – Far more enclosed compared to the strappy style but usually with a quite open front. A really good compromise between the strappy style and the open toe shoe style sandals.

Open Toe Shoe Sandals – these models are usually more like a shoe with a closed in back as well as a peep toe. Great if you would like something a bit less exposing in comparison to strappy sandals.


The colour you finally choose will obviously be based upon what you want to wear your sandals with. If you can just stretch to one pair this summer you will need them to complement your whole summer wardrobe, so select a basic colour such as brown or white, or if they are chiefly for functions in that case you may want to opt for gold or silver. If you happen to be fortunate enough that you can have an entire wardrobe of sandals then you can choose sandals in colours to complement every one of your outfits.


It is best to consider just what material the sandal is made of. If you plan to wear your sandals on a regular basis then you should make certain that they are hard wearing and will last a long time and you should really select leather sandals. A majority of these have the benefit of being much more comfortable than man made sandals because they incorporate some stretch and give in the leather. When you are getting your sandals for the occasional use then man made will probably be fine. Rubber is usually used for flip flop type sandals as it provides increased flex.

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