Work From Home: 4 Ways to be a Closer-Get More Sales!

Work From Home: 4 Ways to be a Closer-Get More Sales!

Work From Home: 4 Ways to be a Closer-Get More Sales!black t shirt

In my previous article: Work from Home: 5 ways to generate sales. I explain the ways people can zero-in on sales. They can get their numbers up and start selling. In this article we examine how to CLOSE the deal and make more sales.

Most salespeople I know look great and look the part of the sales person but don’t make superstar sales. These hot looking people are missing out on the “close”. You’ve seen those really nice “suit-wearing” or “provocative” dresses and ultra polished smooth talking types. They could just as well be on the cover of a magazine. They know everyone and they network like crazy. They must…they don’t make enough sales. Women tend to drool over them. Men tend to flock to them. They must…they don’t make enough money to make a living. So they think drawing people with magnetism helps. And it does. But it doesn’t help them close.


Closers ain’t that nice. Closers don’t have to be pretty. Because closers know, no matter what they look like they really have to nudge someone. If you don’t like nudging…don’t go into sales. If you think sales is about “people liking you” and being the “life of the party” then you will be poor. Many people continue to think being likable and trusting is the key to sales. So “if they trust me” then they will “be able to buy from me”. Trust is only one factor the closer uses to seal the deal. If they really trusted you there would be no selling whatsoever. A real closer knows the potential customer doesn’t trust anyone even if they like them. The closer appeals to different buttons and intellectual buttons and emotional buttons until the potential customer realizes themselves “I must have this product and since I don’t trust anybody anyway I might as well get it from someone that has taken the time to make me realize it”. Most sales people are being too nice and stop at the affinity part. They think because they golf, and the customer golf’s this will help in the sale.

Nope, it’s only one part.


Energy distribution is also another factor that translates to the potential customer. “How much is someone really spending their time, effort, and money to understand me?” Does it seem like they are pushing me to make a sale? Or does this energy really point at my intellect, emotions and needs? Closers understand that there are pushy sales people out there. And a closer to some degree is pushy but in a different way more focused on intellect, emotions, and needs of the potential customer. They are pushy to the degree that they know about what the potential customer needs. Seldom does a buyer attribute pushyness to their favorite salesmen. They don’t push for a sale they push the solutions of their product, they push that their product will fill that emotional void, they push that this makes sense and that they are proud of it. In fact, a closer, is very close to the American Entrepreneur. They give people what they think they would want if they were in their same shoes. Only by knowing your potential customer, their needs, emotions and problems can you accomplish and deliver such service.


You don’t have to look great. You have to look acceptable to your potential audience. You must communicate to them in a way that translates into sales. For instance, if you are selling to a young demographic, a suit and tie may not be the best apparel to communicate to that group. It gets even more specific per your potential customer audience. You must know your potential customer. You must choose them wisely. For example: If I am in the property foreclosure business I don’t want to focus too broadly on any home, and any owner in foreclosure. Because I won’t know how to communicate directly to their emotions and needs and solutions. I want to be specific: Homes within a certain zipcode that are 3 bedrooms 2 baths, with the owner between the ages of 25-44 years old. Having 1-2 young children and being unemployed 5 months or more possibly going through divorce. They will have had income of $80k within the last two years from a job that required 50% or more on commission. They have loans on their home of more than 70% of the value. Their home is in foreclosure but they are not late on their car payment. Their home is in perfect shape and they want to move on with their life.

The above example gives you a peek into the life of someone. This “someone” is going through something and has a certain apparel, hobbies, and other choices that you must match in order to effectively communicate. It’s not always with a suit and tie.

Needs vs. Wants:

It goes without saying that the US economy is based primarily on a well known marketing concept: retailers attempt to sell people things they don’t need. In doing so they are sure to create a market for their products that they can have command through their branding. Branding is important because since they don’t need it they must IDENTIFY with a brand in order to purchase again. And what better way to identify something you don’t need than through branding. I need a car but wouldn’t it be great to buy a Mercedes instead. But that would cost approximately two to three times more than the cheapest essential basic car. “Because around here, you have to love what you drive” is Mercedes Benz slogan. Hopefully, you understand where I’m getting at. If you don’t brand yourself and the sell people things they don’t need. You are sure to get mixed up and drowned out by tons of advertisements, and slogans if you are not branding yourself and sell people based on their wants. We all have to eat. Then why do some of those suburbanite women insist on paying $2 more for a head of lettuce? Because that would be regular. And why should we buy with all the regular people? The special people here buy $2 more a head of lettuce. Especially in a suburb where every house looks the same and parked in the driveway a white SUV.

Closing is about a firm stance that they must purchase, buy or opt-in to your product based on a specific emotional void that only you could fill through branding. There is no time like right now. The world will pass that person by leaving them “less” of a person without your product. Follow the above concepts and you will start closing more sales.


J. Kenneth Ezra

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