Yardage Conversion: Printable Chart

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If you are forever googling fabric yardage conversion just when you are about to go fabric shopping or start sewing, you can now save yourself some time and energy and print this handy chart to keep in your sewing room. Here I will show you conversions from yards, inches, centimeters, and meters and back again.

Yardage Conversion ChartPinYardage Conversion Chart


Yardage ConversionSome Yardage Conversion MathsYardage Conversion ChartBuying Fabric after Yardage ConversionRelated Articles

Yardage Conversion

With the explosion of downloadable sewing patterns, you can now order patterns from all over the world at the click of a button. While this is just amazing you may sometimes be scratching your head over the mathematical conversions between the metric and imperial systems.

Some Yardage Conversion Maths

People always look at me strangely when I say I love maths! But just in case you do too and want to work the conversions out yourself, here are the basic conversion formulas used.

1 yard = 36 inches1 yard = 0.91 metres1 yard = 91 centimetres1 inch = 2.54 centimetres

Yardage Conversion Chart

Now if you hate maths, or have just had a sleepless night with the kids and your once sharp brain is fried (this is often my excuse!) here is a printable chart you can hang in your sewing room. There is a colored version, a black and white version, and a small card for your wallet. Just print the pages you need.

Printable Yardage Conversion Chart (PDF)

For the yardage in the very last column, I rounded up for all measurements and not down since I figured it is better to have a little extra fabric than not enough.

Yardage Conversion ChartYardage Conversion ChartPinYardage Conversion Chart

Buying Fabric after Yardage Conversion

When buying fabric, it is always best to purchase a little extra in case you make a mistake in cutting. You should also allow for a small amount of shrinkage in your pre-washing. Scraps can always be used for small sewing projects and for color-blocking. Most fabrics come in 44 inch (112cm) or 60 inch (150cm) widths. Now you are all set with your conversions it is time to get to the fun part – the actual sewing!

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