If you managed to wear out the seat of your pants on benches in the science classroom, you would have learned that matter is made up atoms. And electrons are in constant motion around the nucleus at the centre. The nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons that are much bigger than electrons.

Recent nuclear studies have revealed that there are super-small particles (much smaller than electrons) also in constant motion within protons and neutrons.

The main conditions that inform human perception of ‘life’ are motion and energy. Quantum Physics has made astounding discoveries of ‘life’ in all matter, including what humans perceive as inanimate, such as minerals and rocks.

Quantum Physics now asserts that the entire universe can be seen as a ‘sea’ of energy made of fine particles in ceaseless motion. All these particles are connected and interdependent.

This idea is in sync with the spiritual Truth various mystics, saints and sages have been trying to drive home since the dawn of civilization: There is a Life Force or Universal Energy that pervades all matter and space.

In this Energy all matter move, live and have their being. Down the ages, various names and attributes have been latched onto this Force. People who are religious like to call Him/Her/It God or Father. Some mystics prefer to use the term First Cause or the Light. Universal Life Force, Divine Intelligence, Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit and Higher Power are amongst the many names that are assigned to this Omnipresent Energy.

I can bet the atheist is thinking, “Thank God there are other names apart from ‘God'”.

Gradually, science, like an overfed tortoise that is regaining consciousness, is crawling home to the Truth. To the Truth that there is a Divine Force that forms the essence of the constituents of the entire universe.

This Force cannot be dissected to any considerable extent, but it exists ‘big time’. To my way of thinking, the most sensible way to prove the existence of the Force (God) is to assume that He/She/It exists, and then search and you will find or experience.

From my personal experience, I find it easier to establish the existence of The Great Spirit by comparing the flow and harmony in the lives of people who consciously tap into Him and those who do not.

Sadly, the market is inundated with certain New Age books that make this Force come across to the public as some sort of ‘inanimate’ energy. Your spirit which I would want to hope is alive is a miniature model of this Omnipresent Spirit. This Spirit, like yourself, is alive too! He is unceasingly conscious and awake to even the drop of a hair from your scalp and to every event that unfolds in this amazing universe.

My friend Katumu decided to share with me a particular experience her ex-boyfriend used to whine about. This guy, from what I heard, had serious concerns about earning money the hard way (by the sweat of his brow) to buy a live-band concert ticket. After going through that hectic effort to secure a ticket for the show, the lead singer in the band tries to order him and the rest of the audience about. Mandating:

“Yoh! Get yourself up if you’re still sitting”

“Now clap your hands”

“Yeah! Yeah!!Jump about”

“Bend down”

“Mmm… mm get up!”

“Aha! Get yourself in the grove”

“Boogie, boogie”

“Get funky, and shake what your mama gave you”.

This chap, I was told used to be exasperated to the point of explosion, having to go through such an ordeal. An introvert as he was, after working hard to buy his ticket, he wanted to be left alone to be his own boss. At the end of the show, he would make a dart for the door at a pace Katumu couldn’t catch up with. He must have left his shadow about nine yards behind him.

I had a similar experience when an author of one book I was reading had the guts to tell me not to look elsewhere for a second opinion on the information he shared. I listened to him attentively, and read so many books afterwards, on exactly the same topic.

I would not tell you what to do, but I would admonish you to continue learning whilst exercising a sense of discernment. I have studied spiritual matters extensively, and for me the acid test of material that will not wear out your soul is whether or not it depicts God as ‘Living’ like yourself, or as some form of ‘Lifeless’ substance or energy. Material that professes the latter will be ‘dead’ and as you will find out for yourself, it will be a burden on your soul. You will feel depleted in energy when you have read it. Such a material is ‘lifeless’!

Should you keep your eyes wide open, wits alert and ears attune, you would not have any difficulty in perceiving how choppy and discordant the lives of those who are out of touch with the Living God are. My observation spans a period of about three and a half decades, and I can attest to the fact that being out of touch with the Master of the Universe amounts to a life that is ‘dead’. This is irrespective of how rich the individual is!

If you are wondering what this Living Force looks like, you are a step ahead of me, because I have no clue. If you want to embrace the Master as an old man wearing a long white beard, white T-big beamng and a tight pair of boot-cut Jeans, sitting on a golden stool, it’s fine. Or perhaps you want to consider God as a skinny lady with blonde hair in white apparel and High heels, prancing about minding the business of the universe, that as well is OK. I am confident the Most High will not be displeased if you want to envision Him as a hermaphrodite with a thousand limbs, by way of embracing His Omnipotence.

Give your imagination a treat. What matters is your awareness of His existence. I am perhaps not as imaginative as you are, as I do not see the need to ascribe any gender to God. I represent the Master by ‘He’ in my writing as a way of facilitating presentation only. It is also useful to consider the Great Spirit as a Personal God with whom you can have a relationship as well as a Universal ‘Living’ Energy you can tap into. How to tap into this Energy to speed up manifestation will be discussed when the time is appropriate.

It is not my aim at all in this discourse, to prove the existence of God. This, endeavour will not be successful even if I slid a tome of religious doctrines into the mind of the reader. Faith and belief in the Divine, in my opinion, should result from a personal gathering of evidence. This is a life-time pursuit. Always remember God is a Spirit, and has to be sought in spirit. Until you ask your conscious mind (logical mind) to ‘SHUT UP’ and dull your physical senses, you won’t be anywhere close to experiencing Him. Over the ages, those who assumed He exists, and searched diligently for Him, found or experienced Him. And so can you.

You do not see electricity but you believe it exists or don’t you? If you don’t have enough faith in it, the proof is not far off. Just stick your little finger into a socket and the signs will be glaring written on your finger. Sure, the proof of the pudding is in the heating.

To the atheist I will leave this food for thought:

Look around you and ponder the universe. Consider humans, animals, plants, rocks and minerals, the heavenly bodies and the degree of order and harmony that exists within them. To assess the magnitude of this order, compare how long it takes you to put items in your house (including all odds and ends) in a preferred order. How much energy and attention would you expend to maintain this for say a week? How about the order and constancy in the seasons? You know the day shall follow the night without fail, and each year you look forward to the radiance and warmth of summer. Does it not strike you that there could be some Intelligence behind this order and harmony as science has began to unearth?

Have you known anything existing without a creator? I mean including yourself? And have you considered what happens in your state of slumber, when you lose sense of the physical things you believe in? That state of slumber is the closest you can come to the Divine you do not believe in. So pay attention when you are there.

As for me, in my sleep I have received ingenious counsel, my cheeks have been fondled and my buttock has been pinched so hard it hurts so bad, the pain is sustained for about two and a half hours when I wake up. I have thus compiled my own evidence of God, and perhaps it’s your turn to do likewise.

It is one thing paying lip service to God and another, actually living the Truth. The Truth is: there is only one God or Living Force that exists in this universe. Every item of creation including you and I, the angels, spirit guides, the devil, demons, the animals, plants, rocks, the sun, the stars, the moon, you name it embody the essence of God. You and I have a level of consciousness higher than that of the animals, plants, rocks and minerals. Status goes hand in hand with increased responsibility. We are thus supposed to have dominion over the animals, plants, rocks and minerals, but we are to be responsible for our own destiny.


The following exercise, if diligently practised on a daily basis will overhaul your life impressively. You will feel strong, energetic and confident.

Set about 5 minutes aside each morning to ponder the Truth, as discussed above.

This task should be carried out in a place where you would be alone and enjoy silence and privacy.

1. Sit on a chair, a mat or your bed, depending on what will provide comfort.

2. Shut your eyes and place your palms calmly on your thighs; palms facing down.

3. In your mind’s eye see yourself as a brilliant white Energy encompassing the outline of your body. And you are enveloped by a ‘sea’ of brilliant white Energy.

This Energy is the Universal ‘Living’ Force or God Almighty. It completely fills you up and fills every space around you in the universe. It feels the space infront of you, behind you, above you and underneath you to the darkest depths of the earth. You are totally engulfed in this Divine Energy which commences from within yourself and spreads to the extremities of the Universe – front, behind, above and beneath you. Feel and believe that you are actually pregnant with Divine Energy. It fills every cell in your body and pervades your soul. Feel it; believe it; it is the Truth, and it shall be.

This is the Truth, so live it and you will attest to the power of this practice. I was divinely and intuitively introduced to this practise of living the Truth about a decade ago. It has remarkably changed my life for the better, and I am confident it will do the same for you.

The practise should not end in this morning session, but should stay with you in the course of the working day. Practise it if you feel enervated at work.

On a daily basis start appreciating yourself as a spirit contained in a body rather than a physical body that contains a spirit. Habitually and consciously feel your spirit with your body. The feeling will get better and ‘real’ with practice. Begin to recognise people, animals, plants, tables and all items you see around you as part of you and you, part of them. Keep reminding yourself that The Great Spirit exists in all of you and that you are all one and connected.

This practice will have the most profound effect even on the most unbelieving soul. I am talking from experience. You will always feel strong, energetic and bold, and will never be lonely again. Remember, only the Truth, diligently practised can ‘set you free’ in the chaotic era we live in.

write by torres