You Want to Be a Ballet Dancer in Pointe Shoes

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Both young and adult ballet beginners usually have seen pictures of ballet dancers or famous ballerinas. This triggers a yearning to dance in real ballet shoes. The tutus, the pink satin, the elongated elegant lines of the ballet positions, all speak to the heart of the watcher. It’s like a siren call you cannot ignore.

Not everyone can do classic dance in professional ballet shoes. But anyone can learn ballet, if she/he wants, at almost any time. If no medical condition or extreme physical incapacity exists, ballet is a great form of exercise.

Learning the basics of ballet technique is very important. Having a teacher advance you because you are extremely flexible, older, have a background in gymnastics, take Pilates training, or have scheduling problems, is not beneficial. This happens, but is to be avoided.

Ballet stretches are elegant and stylized, and are usually integrated into the barre exercises. However, it is good to learn good stretching exercises, so that you can benefit more from the stretching you do in ballet class.

Every ballet exercise that you do is an exercise to prepare you to dance in pointe shoes. The way you learn to pointe your feet (battements tendus, which you do many of every class) determines how strong the sole of your foot gets. There are also non-ballet exercises that strengthen the specific sole of foot muscles, which you can practice.

Posture and turnout also contribute to the development of technique and strength you will need to do even basic movements in pointe shoes.

If you are an older teen or adult, there is nothing wrong with getting expert tips on dancing in professional ballet shoes as soon as you start ballet classes.

write by Eudora

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