Young Boy’s Bedroom Signs – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: striped, blue and white, fat quarter; patterned, purple, assortedCanvas, primed linen, 20cm x 40cmRic rac, purple, 1mThread, embroidery: purple; greenButtons, assortment: purple; greenFusible webbingWadding, lightweight Fibre fillingTape: double-sided; maskingPaper, blue carbon copyFabric pen, disappearing Glue

Dimensions List

Wall plaque: 20cm x 40cmDoor sign: 9cm x 23cm

Make a wall plaque

Cut 30cm x 50cm of striped fabric and use a disappearing fabric pen to mark central horizontal and vertical lines. Draw a parallel line 4cm down from the central horizontal line for the wording to sit on.

Download and print the letter templates. Enlarge each one to 7cm in height for a five letter name, and cut out. Create five 7.5cm x 9cm rectangles from a variety of patterned fabrics and iron fusible webbing onto the back of each. Using glue, stick the letter templates to the fusible webbing side of the fabrics, remembering to reverse the letters, and cut out.

Arrange the letters across the fabric, sitting them on the line you have drawn and using the markings in the material pattern to keep the letters vertical. Peel off the backing paper and iron in place under a handkerchief. Using coordinating thread, machine stitch around each letter.

Draw horizontal lines 5cm down from the bottom of the letters and 5cm from the top, then vertically 2.5cm either side to create a rectangle. Pin purple ric rac to one line and machine stitch in place. Fold it over at the first corner instead of cutting to avoid having to reposition, then continue all the way round. Hand stitch five buttons to the top-left and bottom right of the letters, alternating the colours and embroidery thread as you go.

Cut 20cm x 40cm of wadding and stick to a canvas of the same size using strips of double-sided tape. Place more strips on the sides and back of the canvas, then mark the centres horizontally and vertically on the back. Place the fabric panel face down and match up the marks with the canvas. Tack into position with masking tape. Peel off the backing from the tape and stick the fabric into place. Pull the remaining sides taut to achieve a neat look and cover the raw edges with strips of masking tape to finish.

Stitch a door sign

Reduce the letter templates to 2.5cm in height and back various fabric scraps with fusible webbing. Using blue carbon copy paper, transfer the letters onto the back of the material, remembering to reverse them as you do so. Use embroidery scissors to carefully cut the letters out.

Using the template, cut two door hanger shapes onto striped fabric. Arrange the lettering over one of the pieces and iron into place. With right sides facing, pin the fabric pieces together and machine stitch, leaving a 7cm gap at the base for filling.

Turn the door hanger out and press under a hot iron. Fill with toy stuffing until nicely padded, then sew up the gap using neat whip stitches. Hand sew a few buttons in coordinating colours to decorate.