Young Girl’s Upcycled Vintage Handbag – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, white, fat quarter; floral, fat quarter; wool, grey fleck, 30cm x 60cmRibbon, velvet, black, 1.5cm wide, 1mInterfacing, fusible, lightweight, 1mCord, black, 50cmButtons, mother-of-pearl: white, three; black, three Bag handlesThread, sewing: white; black

Dimensions List

28.5cm x 34cm

Create a vintage handbag

Download the bag pattern at and iron a rectangle of interfacing onto white cotton fabric big enough for two bottom panels. Place the bottom panel template onto the interfaced white cotton and cut two. Interface floral fabric and cut out two more panels.

Iron interfacing onto grey fleck wool and cut out four top pieces. Pin the white cotton panels to two of the these, then machine stitch. Pin the pieces together, right sides facing, and machine stitch the lining with a 1cm seam allowance.

Pin the remaining grey fleck wool panels to the floral bottom panels and machine stitch together. Tack a length of black velvet ribbon to the front and back of the bag to hide the join and machine stitch in place. Measure and sew mother-of-pearl and black buttons centrally onto the velvet ribbon using black and white thread.

Pin the outer bag pieces together right sides facing, making sure the velvet ribbon lines up perfectly, then machine stitch, leaving a 4cm gap at the top on both sides. Work a couple of hand stitches to strengthen the bag at this junction. Turn out.

Measure four 5cm lengths of black cord, then thread each one through the holes in a pair of handles. Stitch the ends of each piece of cord together, making sure the stitches are in the same position on each piece, then sew them to the inside of the bag. Place the lining into the bag and slip stitch neatly all the way around the top with black thread.