Your Business IS Your Business – On "Hyper" Personal Responsibility

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My 4-yo monkey was riding his scooter the other day (admittedly, he isn’t the best at riding in a straight line).

He tried to squeeze by a woman and a low fence. The woman was talking on her phone, distracted.

Kid fell down. He cried. He got a big bruise on his side. And an Oreo to ease the pain.

I’d say both lil’ guy and Ms. Cell Phone were at fault. If she wasn’t distracted, she’d probably have heard the scooter coming.

Yet, that’s a lesson lil’ man needs to learn.

Even if someone else is responsible for the “collision,” he’s still the one to get hurt. The smart thing to do is to be vigilant, anticipate the sh*t that could happen and preempt it from happening.

In real life, and particularly as a business owner or entrepreneur, we’re in this kind of situation all the time.

We’re responsible for watching our own back because it’s not anyone else’s responsibility.

No one, except you, is responsible if you aren’t charging what your products and services are worth.

You have to be the one to stand up for yourself and ask for the money. You can call your client a jerk/cheapskate for trying to save a buck but at the end of the day, he’s not responsible for your income.

No one, except you, is responsible if your designer or copywriter or web dude missed a deadline.

You have to be the one to make sure things get done. You can fire the contractor and never hire him again but at the end of the day, you’re the one to miss the launch date.

No one, except you, is responsible if money is not coming in.

You have to be the one to open up possibilities and say yes to opportunities. You can blame LOA for not working, you can call that business coach a fraud, you can vibrate on your ass and wonder why nothing is happening, or you can call the latest training or program a scam. You could be right on all counts, but at the end of the day, you’re the one to look at the bank account and pull out your hair.

YOU are responsible for your success AND for orchestrating your circumstances for that to happen.

You’re not only responsible for your mistakes but also for anticipating potential screw-ups other make that could impact your results.

You’re not in business to be a “nice person.” You’re here to create meaning. Sometimes you have to stand up for what you stand for.

You’re not here to run a happy camp. Go for respect and integrity.

Cover all basis. Be discerning. Be diligent. Be vigilant. Grow an eye on the back of your head so some 4-yo on a scooter won’t ruin your new Jimmy Choo. Because sh*t happens and my lil’ guy sure as hell won’t buy you a new pair of shoes.

write by Farrer

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