Zombie Apocalypse and Preppers

Zombie Apocalypse and Preppers

Over the past couple of years a fascination with zombies has led to one of the most interesting changes in American society. Today you can hear ordinary, everyday people, young and old, black and white, rich and poor talk about ZOMBIES! What the HELL is going on around here?!?!

What is a zombie?

The answer to this is different depending upon who you ask. To me a zombie is someone that is not preparing for emergency and disaster events. If an emergency or disaster event occurs these individuals have a great potential to become non-thinking and non-caring monsters that will kill you and yours just to continue their own existence. Obviously this is a “worst case scenario” and hopefully we won’t see it come to reality, but one never knows.

To most people a zombie is a member of the undead army, a person that has died and been reanimated into an uncontrollable eater of live human flesh bent on killing all surviving humans.

Now a new zombie reference has appeared, and that is a person so whacked out on drugs that they are willing to randomly attack and attempt to eat or bite their victims while not responding to verbal commands or physical attempts to restrain them. I have to think Darwin is laughing his ass off as he watches this evolutionary step unfold.

Why are zombies so popular?

There are lots of reasons zombies have become popular in recent years. I just want to touch on a few of the more likely reasons.

1) Zombie Effects – Makeup and technology allow for some truly awesome looking and acting zombies these days. You can make nearly any kind of zombie you want instead of people walking around all goofy with ketchup and syrup rubbed on their viking hoodies acting dead.

2) Social Collapse – Deep down I think people are actually looking forward to this. The rat race is getting harder and harder for normal rats to compete in and most of them are really hoping for an opportunity to level the playing field. Rich or poor won’t matter after the Zombie Apocalypse starts. No more phone bills, mortgage payments, car payments, insurance, etc. either.

3) The Hunt and The Kill – The ultimate hunt, man versus man. Kill or be killed. BONUS: You may actually run into the zombiefied versions of people you really didn’t like back before the apocalypse started and now you can do what you always wanted to do!

4) Everything Must Go! – Remember all the cool stuff you always wanted to buy but couldn’t afford? Well, unlike war, natural disaster, meteor strike and many other events, Zombie Apocalypse comes with relatively small amounts of damage and lots of people not around to suck up resources! If you know how to get it out there will be fuel for a while, power for a while, food, water, supplies, etc. Shopping Spree!!

5) Community Spirit – Our planet has over 7 billion people swarming over its surface. In some places we packed in tighter than sardines. The numbers keep increasing and resource availability is decreasing. Our space programs haven’t started colonizing other planets or moons and we have nowhere to go. Crime is rising, tensions are rising and hundreds of millions of people probably couldn’t even tell you their neighbor’s names. After the Zombie Apocalypse people would most likely survive in small communities together like we did back before previous population explosions. Although it sounds corny, and it’s a movie or TV series plot line, the vastness of unpopulated areas and open roads and the lack of constant noise from cars, planes, trucks, sirens, radios, televisions and everything else we use to ensure we don’t pay attention to the world around us would be gone. I for one think it would be scary as hell, but liberating and a saving grace for our species. (okay, corniness done).

6) I can FEEL it coming! – Throughout history people have warned of coming events that would shake the very foundations of human existence and change our world forever. Yeah, so most of these people are currently worm food while the rest of us are still spinning around the Sun. However, I cannot deny, and neither can most other people, that in the past few years there has been a very pervasive increase of “doom and gloom” feeling about the future. Whether it’s the economy you are worried about, or the political future of the country, or race relations, or food shortages, war, Mayan prophecies or whatever… the feeling is out there. SOMETHING BIG IS COMING. Maybe the end of the world? Maybe a collective bowel movement, who the hell knows… it… just… feels… wrong.

What should a prepper do?

Continue prepping. That really is the easiest answer to the question, and the most logical. I prep for “any and all emergencies and disasters” that are likely to befall me and my family for the region in which I reside. I also keep an open mind as to the things that could happen that I do not specifically prep for by prepping for general chaos and insanity. Being near Chicago I don’t prep for a volcanic eruption, it just really isn’t very likely. Even if Yellowstone’s caldera went off the eruption wouldn’t affect me, I would simply have to deal with the aftermath and the ash (as if that’s not bad enough).

So I prepare for whatever comes my way in the hopes that if/when something happens I can give my family the best chances possible of surviving and possibly thriving after it does. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t, maybe nothing ever happens and people remember me as the crazy guy that spent weeks making and testing Faraday cages much to the chagrin of his wife and their portable electronics.

Then again, maybe ten years from now I’ll be leading a small community of survivors on daily foraging expeditions through hostile zombie territory looking for resources and people that called me crazy…

write by williams